One:Day:Life - Heroes, Hoods and Headphones

OK!!! Here's a phrase for you that I bet you'd never thought you would read in "Glitzine". That phase is boy band.

Yes siree "One:Day:Life" may site "Blink 182" as an influence, and play a sort of hummable, if instantly forgettable brand of punk pop. But it's the out of box identikit image and sound that places the band firmly in the "X Factor" camp of, here today - gone today.

Released in February 2008, this twelve-track debut album to the bands absolute credit is immaculately self-produced and self-written, and from their press release they appear to have all the right work ethics to propel them to their ultimate goal of teeny pop stardom. Unfortunate for them then that they do seem to overlook one small fact, that fact being all of their songs sound exactly the frigging same. If I had to pick a standout track it would be "Shakedown" which does have a chorus that would hold its head high in the world of pop/punk market leaders like "Fall Out Boy".

"One:Day:Life" certainly have fans of their music within the staff at "Glitzine", and I can understand it appealing to the gangs of kohl eyed teens you see hanging around shopping centres at weekends, but I absolutely fucking hate this. In fact, if this had been the music of choice to qualify as a rebel when I was growing up I think, I'd have stuck with my parents "Carpenters" albums and now have that elusive job in I.T. and a fine line in elbow patched cardigans.

Thank god then for UK bands like "Silverjet", "New Generation Superstars", "Disarm" and "Peepshow" who are all taking the punk/sleaze genre and throttling the living daylights out of it. These bands at least make me realise I was right to stick my two fingers up at "Karen Carpenter" and fucking "ABBA".

Spice, if you send me any more stuff like this to review… I'm resigning.

2 out of 5 (for Shakedown and the bands work ethic, and I do wish them good luck)

by Johnny H.

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