Odin - Best Of

Released via Perris Records this CD celebrates the career of Odin, one of the legendary cult bands from the Hollywood strip in the late 80's.

'Best Of' features 18 tracks of pure glam metal ala Van Halen Thor LIZZY BORDEN, NIGHTCRAWLER, early SAVATAGE and GARGOYLE and dare I say Manowar, that all have the added advantage of being re-mastered by non other than Ray Z (Bruce Dickinson, Judas Priest, Rob Halford, Helloween) and also features the first new recording in the best part of 20 years (Let The Show Begin).

Odin's music is pure enjoyable Glam metal, a must for fans of "Decline of the Western Civilization", who want music loud and their guitar solos proud in the mix (Odin features one Jeff Duncan on guitar, who enjoyed good success with one of the best Metal bands the States ever offered, called ARMORED SAINT.

A Highly recommended CD, check it out!

by Barry Gennard

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