Octane Gypsy - Tough Luck Mile

This is raw, this is dirty!

This EP starts with "Save Me", which has a lot of attitude and a touch of blues to it, making it even cooler. It feels like a combination between the old classic rock and something new. The only negative is that the vocals take too much space, so they drown much of the sound of the instruments. But the good thing… this is only the case on this particular track.

On this EP, we also find the song "Double Shift", a ballad that doesn't lose its attitude, which I think is common. But they really shouldn't have used a tambourine in "Honky Tonk"; it only brings the thoughts away from the rock their playing, to terrible alternative pop music.

The EP ends with "Rebels Highway", and Octane Gypsy went out with a bang.

Rating: 7/10

by Johanna Salo

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