Obsessive Compulsive - The Corpse of Thought

The press kit that was included with this EP claims that Obsessive Compulsive's music is dark, angry rock n' roll and they are dead on with that.

Don't let the fact that they have a female vocalist fool you; this is not Evanescence or No Doubt. Obsessive Compulsive, and more importantly Kelii, can bring it with the best of them. Think of a heavier version of Guano Apes, a more rock version and you have a good starting point.

The EP kicks off with 'God Shape Hole'. A great tune, heavy yet melodic. The first thing that grabs your attention is the full sound the band creates, one of the best Indie EPs I've head in a long time.

'Dying Dying Dead' has a rhythm that you will find yourself humming in your head all day. Giz's guitar work also shines during the solo, something missing from a lot of mainstream music these days. 'Blood Everywhere' is very reminiscent of 80's NWOBHM with its dynamics between soft and hard. Starting out with single picking beneath vocals then kicking in during the pre-chorus into a melodic chorus.

'Playground Voodoo' and 'In Memory Of' is where Obsessive Compulsive as a band, shine. Tight and in your face, Pete (Bass) and Jimi (Drums) are locked in together. These two tracks will appeal to readers of Glitzine and are well worth tracking down this EP.

The EP closes with 'Ennui', a dark heavy track that showcases Kelii's strong vocals. In general, this EP has great production, great sound and great songs. Not much more you can ask for in an independent release. Obsessive Compulsive would fit right in on the second stage of Ozzfest as well as tear it up on a bill such as The Beautiful Creatures and Killingbird.

Catch them on tour thru the UK this year and by all means, track down this EP, you won't be sorry.

by Mister E.

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