Ocean Bottom Nightmare - We Are Serious

Nottingham based noiseniks Ocean Bottom Nightmare's debut EP 'We Are Serious' features a bass sound so heavy, I reckon they had to take the window out of the bass player's house in order to get the beast to the studio. To say that every song on this well-produced four track EP centres on this distorted behemoth is a true understatement.

The terror trio's knack of christening their songs with the most snappy of titles - 'Defiling Apep With The Left Foot', 'The Blade Was Rusted Like Aquatic Machines' - means that I almost double the length of my review just by typing them out. The songs themselves hang on that monster bass like Michael Hutchence's corpse. They are intentionally weird with huge slabs of screaming vocals quickly followed by huge stabs of polished melody. Some of these songs are so dark they threaten to make the sun go out.

'We Are Serious' is a disturbing subversion of many an established genre that is happily difficult to pigeonhole. They have, in the past, played with The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and that pairing seems about right. Highly recommended to ear connoisseurs who like their quirky murky....

by Gaz E.

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