Nutrajet - Protection EP

Here is a 6 song EP from an angry bunch known as Nutrajet. These seemingly indignant gentlemen play heavy music, with aggressive vocals 'a' la old punk bands' such as The Damned and The Dead Boys.

The opener 'Deleted' reminds me of an angrier version of The Dead Boys 'Sonic Reducer' with the chorus 'You're Deleted! You're Deleted!' It's a good opening song, and not a bad influence to have. The detest-fest continues over the next 3 tracks with lyrics such as 'This is a formal invitation to… Fuck You, and anyone that looks like you', 'I'm not dead yet, so don't hold your breath', and 'If you're not fucking someone, they're most likely fucking you'. If you get the impression that Nutrajet are a little acrimonious, I would say that you would be correct. 'Vicious Intent' continues down the same path, but with a contradictory twist of sublime 'do do do do do's' backing up a chorus comprised of 'Pretty little head with vicious intent', and lyrics such as 'She wants to spill your guts'.

After all the rage, the EP culminates with 'December Drowning,' and despite the title is a total departure from the rest of the album. It's a song in which the vocalist displays a voice that had been masked by anger in the previous 5, revealing a whole new side of the band. It is hard to tell if the underlying theme of the song is indeed different than the rest, due to the antithetical nature of the lyrics, but regardless, I would like to hear more of this side of Nutrajet as I found the other side a little too enraged for my tastes.

by Dan Earley

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