Nude Pube Banglers - Sexual Famine

'Sexual Famine' the new EP from 'Nude Pube Banglers' is quite simply testosterone laden rock n roll. It kicks off, and there is no other way to describe it, with 'Too Late', a heavy guitar and drum based track, with considerable balls!

The onslaught continues with 'Sexual Famine' a Crue-esque, beat and great lyrics make it a shining example of rock at its glam best. The exceptionally drum and bass heavy 'The Hate' has fantastic musical arrangement and great rhythm changes. Slightly dodgy lyrics in the first minute give way to some fabulous ones later and it' a shame it's not like this throughout. This is still, however, an outstanding, energetic track.

'Let Go' is a light-hearted, bouncy little number with gorgeous guitar work and great tempo. Great vocal harmonies on this track more than make up for the previous oral glitch.

This is an EP with powerful guitars, and drums, which will make your heart pound. If you want guitar at it's cock rockiest, and classic 'rock' vocals then get this now. I do have to mention that I have problems saying 'Nude Pube Banglers' once sober, let alone trying to ask for it to be played when drunk, so can we agree to call them 'NPB' please?

by Talia Kane

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