No One Gets Out Alive II (Father/The Cedar Falls/LAP/Disarm/Truckfighters)

Basically, what we have here is a CD produced to promote a tour that, by the time you read these golden words, you will have missed. If that heart breaking announcement isn't enough, how about this - the first fifteen people through the doors at each gig would have been given a goodie bag. I understand that you must be devastated, so I advise that you get a grown up to remove any sharp objects and also the train times to Bridgend. How much you enjoy the music magically contained on this shiny disc will depend on which of the following songs makes you think fondly of your youth - 'Teenage Kicks' or 'Teenage Dirtbag'.....Generation X or Generation Xbox, if you will.

So, what you get is a track each from five bands featured on the tour. Although one band didn't actually make the tour. Don't know why. Maybe gout. First up are Father, an "alt-metal" act from Croatia described on the press blurb as "Tool meets System Of A Down". Well, slap my ass and call me Larry - I'm doing backflips at the prospect of that ear horror. The track 'Machina' is actually a decent sub-grunge number that fuses heavy guitar with Alice In Chains style vocals - nothing that My Sister's Machine didn't do fifteen years ago and they never got anywhere, did they? The Cedar Falls are next. 'Abandon' starts off sounding like Fightstar but soon all thoughts of 'post-rock' (a term that really fucking irritates me, almost as much as the tabloid turd that is 'torture porn') are swamped in a sea of melody that could see this band get some decent exposure. Lap have a song called 'I Am' and a singer who sounds like Coby Dick from Papa Roach. They sound OK but offer nothing different from the thousands of soundalike bands, several hundred of whom do it a little better. Disarm win the award for best song title - 'The River City Ransom Death Pact' - and are the best band on this disc by friggin' miles! Punchy and punky with a severe Backyard Babies influence, this band have just made this review worthwhile - check them out! Finally we get the mysterious Truckfighters (replaced on the tour by The Durango Riot due to that rumoured gout onslaught - always painful, never pretty) whose track 'Traffic' begins with a cool Wiseblood-era Corrosion Of Conformity style riff before heading downhill faster than a wind assisted Franz Klammer into horrible art-rock territory ('art-rock', by the way, is next on the list!).

And that, dead boys and rock 'n' roll girls, is that. A review in keeping with the release - not very exciting. Disarm are cool and should be checked out, other than that, this is just another coaster.

by Gaz E.

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