Noise of Reality - Rock Beast

Noise of Reality is a young four-piece from Arvika, Sweden. The Cover on the E.P. hints at some sort of Kiss-inspired dark metal with it's full-face painted pissed-off face. That is NOT what Noise of Reality is about, their sound can rather be described as some sort of slamming garage/punk. This quite pleasant noise sometimes remind me of a distorted Nirvana, especially in the last and best song on the E.P. - "Emotional Destruction". I'm not that fond of distorted vocals but if there is a place for such sound effects, this type of slamming RnRpunk may be it.

It's hard to foresee the future based on this fourtrack E.P. alone but the songs do show some promise and the band seem to know a lot about promotion.Check out their nice website.

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