Nicollette Knight - 6 Track Demo

Produced by Gerry Gittelson and Keri Kelli, Nicollette Knight is the -supposed- 'Next Big Thing', that will have major record company executives climbing over one another to get a piece of the action. However, on first listen to this bubblegum pop/rock offering it's hard to understand what all the fuss is about?

Where's the angst, where's the attitude? Alanis Morissette penned "Jagged Little Pill" at the age of 19, an album with more maturity and bite than anything by a female artist since, and if that is to be the yard stick for excellence, Nicollette Knight has much to learn.

I found the whole listening experience, a little too 'Cutesy' to take seriously. There are some nice moments, but her too often wavery voice lacks the depth, penetration and control for me to think her anymore than another little fish in a big pond. If she has the talent that the hype suggests, then it's not to be heard here, sadly.

The 6 Track consists of covers of Big Bang Babies 'Youth of Today', 'Hear You Say', 'Fast Free & Dangerously' and 'Sing For Me', a cover of Joan Jett's 'I Love Rock N' Roll' and a cover of Kim WIlde's 'Kids In America', and I must confess, when I saw, 'I Love Rock N' Roll', on the track listing I physically wretched and gnawed at my fist. Rule number one of music; don't fuck with the classics! At best, it's ill advised. At worst, you'll kill your career before it's even off the ground. If I'm honest, it didn't offend as much as it could have. If I'm going to praise it, it's a good karaoke version. 'Kids in America', fairs slightly better and stands up as the highlight of the 6 track. The main problem; the entire 6 track consists of nothing but covers. So what does that tell us? She either needs some good original material to go at, or needs to form a covers band, have a blast, play some shows and earn some money. I really hope I eat these words and that Miss Knight does come back with a great record, with some solid original material.

If Nicolette Knight is the sensation that is going to takes us all by storm, sell millions of albums and have a huge fan-base, I guarantee, that it will not be on the strength of this mini-album, and if it does happen, it'll be due to a massive makeover, musically. Sorry, Miss Knight, but your time is not quite now.

by Rev G.

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