New Generation Superstars - Crash Course... In Rock n' Roll

Having knocked around the UK scene for what seems like donkey's years, it's good to see these Midlands punks finally get a full-length album out.

'Come Over' sets their stall out from the off, the first of twelve boot-stomping, head-banging ditties squeezed into this 35 minute debut. Loud, sometimes overpowering guitar, thumping rhythms with gritty, no-messing vocals.

They step up the speed with 'Own Sweet Hell' and 'One More', but it was the inclusion of 'Overload' that brought a smile to my face. A familiar track that I recognised from an EP handed to me five years ago now, by former bassist Ian H Superstar, back on my first Glitzine excursion to Rock City.

The album continues along similar lines. You know what you're getting with NGS, the workman-like consistency of catchy shouty choruses and loud fast heavy guitars. The recording process apparently took a total of four days, and the minimal-tinkering, simplistic approach has created a very raw, live-feeling album that delivers a head-butt to the nose, rather than a slap to the face.

A decent effort, very intense, but maybe a bit too intense for me at times.

If hard, fast, loud noise is your thing, pop on over to their myspace, and try to catch them around the UK over the coming weeks.

by Stacey Dunk

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