New Generation Superstars - Dopefiend

'AH yes!' I think to myself as New Generation Superstars bang out bigstyle with their high octane, rocket fuelled stadium cock rock! The opening anthem 'Dopefiend' is immediately familiar, I feel like I own this CD already! It is glaringly relentless, the sleazy edge is infectious and the pounding rhythm section wouldn't do anyones head any good on a groggy hungover morning. The chorus thunders in with a catchy strong vocal style. I grin with satisfaction as the expectant guitar solo comes in swaggering, how could it be complete without it!

The next track is again typical of the genre but more pacey, furious and thrashing, reminding you of slithering round in a jumpy mosh and copping a feel of any form that resembles a human body. Track 3 is my favourite. Its leading guitar intro precedes a form reminiscent of the huge stadium live shows back in the day. These boys sound like they have big toys! The CD comes hand packed with groupies, drugs, beer swilling and all night partying of the highest order!

I would imagine as always that seeing them live would be the real test - I'm sure they have an army of rockers and rockettes faithfully pursuing that duty. I would have hoped for a little more imagination throughout, but the guys, gals and glam fans of the stooges, MC5 and Motley Crue et al should check em out, before they bust into your bedroom and wipe their snotty sleaze-love all over your snoozy head!

by Maunderelle

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