New Generation Superstars - How To Hate Friends & Alienate People

'How To Hate Friends & Alienate People' is the new EP from 'New Generation Superstars'. A real dirty, punk vibe with anthemic lyrics and great vocals. A kick in teeth to all those who said that punk was dead!

The title track 'How To Hate Friends…" kicks off with manic drums and heavy guitars. A track with classic heavy punk influences, great lyrics and amazing vocals. The assault continues with 'Always Gonna Be'. Dead Kennedys-esque guitars beautifully blended with frenzied drumming and fantastic lyrics.

'Star' is a wonderfully up-tempo little number with punk heavy drums and filthy guitars. Insanely addictive lyrics mean it gets into your head and you can't shake it out again, although why you would want to try is honestly beyond me. Anyone who can write "pvc porno queen" into a track without it sounding tacky frankly deserves respect.

Mellow and relaxed compared to the rest 'Do You Love Me' is quite a slow track, without being anywhere near turning into a ballad. Fantastic percussion and vocals blended with rhythmic guitars.

You could scream along with any of these, and watched live I'm sure that many people do just that. You can almost hear the chanting while listening to the CD. An example of great old fashioned ass-rippin' punk at it's best.

by Talia Kane

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