Neil Leyton - Beat

'Top mystery bonus prize to this boy for managing to remind me of stuff that I pretty much despise whilst simultaneously impressing me. For there are some clearly defined smudges of the Manics & Jeff bloody Buckley's whining here, which should by rights make me throw it out the window at the very least. So it's testament to the chap for winning me over. Almost a dictionary definiton of taut, wired and edgy, albeit balanced by a supreme assuredness and warmth. 'Efficiency' has a wonderful rumbling chorus that sounds like a pressure cooker overloading & blowing steam through his speakers, fusing out his amps in the process. 'Shake' lurches from Britpoppy-esque indie-funk into a delightful, ecstatic shimmy of a chorus. 'Ingrid Schubert' with it's demented, desperate spasmodic jerking rhythm mixed with a little salsa spice is a mini-classic in the making. Not wilful enough to be totally eclectic but easily incorporating quite a heady mix of styles and sounds in five brief songs, at times Buzzcocks jittery speed rush throught to alnguid Bernard Butler pastoral introspection, this is a nice introduction to the guy.

by Stu Gibson

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