Nasty Idols - Rejects On the Road DVD

"Ten Years of Silence", that is how "Nasty Idols" bass player Dikki Q ably sums up the nasty idle years in his sleaze rocking career. And during those ten-years Sweden gave birth to the sleaze action men "Backyard Babies" and "Hardcore Superstar". So for second generation upstarts like myself, "Nasty Idols" have been nothing but a dim and distant memory. But what a memory that is, as I'm now discovering through this gem of a release.

This first "Nasty Idols" DVD is everything a fan of big hair 80's Swedish Sleaze could want from their band (unlike the recent live releases from their aforementioned apprentices, which for me were both rather disappointing). So, for your hard earned Kronor you get not only an eleven song live concert filmed at KB - Malmo in September 2006, but you also get a simply fan-frigging-tastic hour long documentary that takes you behind the scenes of the bands 2006 reunion (initially for the Sweden Rock Festival) whilst liberally dipping into the bands video archives from as far back as 1989 (that years glorious snippet retelling the "Europe" years of first single "Shy China").

Throughout this DVD you can't help but feel caught up in the whole experience, such is the infectious nature of singer "Andy Pierce" who acts as your host and guide to the "Nasty Idols" world. He (along with bassist Dikki Q and guitarist Peter Espinoza) are obviously shamelessly proud of their band's heritage, and so they should be, with just one look at the front row of the Sweden Rock Festival to see "KIDS" singing every word to their twenty odd year old songs. Once a glam anthem always a glam anthem I say.

With this in mind, "Dikki Q" sums up music's virtuous circle of life that every twenty years what you play becomes fashionable again, Damn isn't he just on the mark there, and a return of "Nasty Idols" could not have been better timed.

It's this pervading humility of the band (especially during the documentary) that made this release essential viewing for me. Along the way the entertainment also includes some very humorous segues. Such as Dikki and Andy delivering porn a cappella versions of "The Way You Walk" whilst driving, Andy talking about meeting "Alice Cooper" in the late eighties, which gives way to a great Elvis story, or some great archive stuff involving Peter's drunken antics from 1991.

The music (yes I did watch the concert) is what you would expect, tight, effervescent and rebel rousing anthems delivered at break neck speed (and a few bum notes here and there which I always like to hear in a live output). From opener "Heads Down (In Tinseltown) to "House of Rock N Roll", Andy and the boys do everything they can to wipe out those Ten Years of Silence from our collective memories.

This DVD is essential viewing for fans of the band/genre and the documentary is a piece of compelling and revealing celluloid.

Oh, and if you think "Foxy Roxy" might be the name of "Nasty Idols" support band then watch this to reveal the facts. You will laugh, long and hard, trust me.

5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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