Naked Beggars - Spit It Out

The Naked Beggars are a hard-rocking 6-piece featuring ex-Cinderella members Eric Brittingham and Jeff LaBar, and fronted by raspy female vocalist Inga Brittingham.

Drawing from the blues-influenced hard rock of Cinderella, the Naked Beggars produce a sound combining the styles of the Quireboys, LA Guns fronted by Anastacia. I find the resulting style quite unremarkable, not in a negative way, but more so that the album doesn't tend towards any of the glam, melodic, punk or sleaze genres of today. More so, I'd class the Naked Beggars as ballsy rock-n-roll (ironic considering they are fronted by a woman), or well constructed pub rock if you like.

The highlight of the album is undoubtedly the haunting ballad "What's The Question" with an almost and Evanescence-meets-November Rain feel about it. This track has the potential to have "classic" stamped all over it, and could be considered to be worth the purchase price of the CD alone. Getting picky, I do feel that at times the vocals do sound strained, although I'd say most vocalists would struggle to provide the power demanded by this song.

Apart from this one track I find that the album doesn't reach many highs (or lows for that matter), and I find at times it can become a little same-same, or repetitive.

Plenty of keys and slide guitar in tracks such as "Nothing But Trouble" and the title track "Spit It Out" give quite a bit of the album an up-tempo country feel. When the band delves into the hard rock genre with tracks such as "Lies", I do find the vocals unsuitable for the style.

Cinderella, Quireboys and female-fronted rock fans will probably find this album rather satisfying whereas other may beg to differ. Personally, I find this album solid but unremarkable.

by Lindsay B.

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