Naked Beggars - S/T

First, it is important to realize that this isn't Cinderella simply because it contains bassist Eric Brittingham and guitarist Jeff Labar. The Naked Beggars have put out a rock n' roll album that tips its hat very heavily toward 80's MTV rock stylings. That being said, fans of female rock vocalists will quickly learn that Inga Brittingham puts most of those 80's poseur fems to shame. On 'Open Eyes', she has a depth in her voice that hasn't been seen in some time.

Other standouts on this disc include album opener 'No More', which displays Inga's versatility, the rough 'Bitch', and the mellow rocker/anthem 'Discombobulated'. While the majority of the album is straight ahead rock n' roll, there are a few musical detours, with the coolest being the tempo-driven 'Got Me Runnin'. What is the verdict on this, the Naked Beggars first full-length CD? It plays like an Inga solo record, as the music isn't quite as original as the vocal stylings are. Overall, it's a cool record to have in your "rock n' roll heyday" retro collection. I think it would've been cool to hear Eric sing, but that is probably better left for another time and another place. This is clearly Inga's territory, as she has what it takes to be a very accomplished singer!

by Kenny Hopeless

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