Mystechs - City Folk

Ok, I have to admit when I first looked at the CD cover I was scared. Seeing 2 guys with an accordion and synthesizer standing at the front of what looked like Uncle Jesse's farm from the Dukes of Hazzard shocked me to the core.

Their opening track 'Gyroscope' wasn't too bad, but from here, it's downhill all the way.

Maybe it's me but I'm not grasping this whole electropunk thing. I don't hear nothing punk about it. I hear the electro part but that's about it.

The Mystechs try their hands at a wide range of different styles on 'City Folk, from the hip hop 'This is all There Is' to polka and other weird, outlandish songs, and just when I thought it had hit its all time low point with 'Burger Boy', 'Fly' came along.

This CD is definitely for the unique.

Breez's Rating
1/2 Star out of 5 stars

by Bay Breez

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