MySpace Invaders - 666 High Score

Track listing:
01 - The Funeral Of St. Privacy
02 - W.W.W.
03 - Face To Face
04 - Like You
05 - Emy
06 - My L.I.A.R.S.
07 - My Digital Romance
08 - I Will Always Love You
09 - My Online Baby
10 - N.A.S.A.
11 - 666 High Score
12 - Back To Reality
13 - I'm Not Ready (Bonus)
14 - Let Me Use You Mouth (Bonus)

MYSPACE INVADERS blast out of Italy with their debut album 666 HIGH SCORE.

Blending the best bits of Sum 41, Blink 182, Green Day and NOFX they serve up 14 tracks of pure punk rock delight.

There is nothing serious about this album other than the music, it is just pure unashamed fun punk rock. They manage to take the best bits from their, very obvious, influence and mash them up and come out with fresh sounding songs with witty lyrics and catchy choruses. Occasional there is a flash of My Chemical Romance lurking in the background on some of the vocals which adds a nice touch of diversity.

The rhythm section is tight and there are some cracking riffs and the whole album leaves you to wonder why on earth they haven't been signed by a label.

Their cover of I Will Always Love You is inspired and one of my favourite tracks due to the original spin they put on it.

Getting information on these guys is pretty tough as nearly everything is in Italian so I'll just let the music do the talking.

Get in touch with MYSPACE INVADERS and get hold of a copy of 666 HIGH SCORE!

Standout tracks:
I Will Always Love You
666 High Score
Let Me Use Your Mouth

by K.T.Glitz

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