My Passion - Boo Man (2 Track CD 2008)

The influence of a decade so casually derided as the eighties on modern music is enormous. But some bands just get it soooo wrong! Looking like a member of Sleeze Beez with eBay bought cowboy boots, skull bandana from Claire's Accessories and a top hat full of copped Guns N' Roses riffs does not a great band make. Thankfully, not all young bands are as clueless - My Passion head up the clued-in cool minority.

Sounding like a synth-heavy dark behemoth of a band - think Sweden's The Sounds meets Theo And The Skyscrapers whilst tapping the vein of AFI offshoot Blaqk Audio - and looking scarily awesome (like they've spent a lengthy spell in detention at Vince Noir's School Of Cool), My Passion seem destined for some serious future success. They have their own line of necro-chic merchandise providing the uniform for an ever expanding army of a teenage alien nation. And the songs - yes, they have songs too! - just slay. 'BooMan' is a huge, brooding stab of a song - insanely infectious and rabidly retro-fired. 'Day Of The Bees' is a dark brawl trapped in a tune - more guitar driven yet no less hook laden. Throw a severed handful of grave humour into the mix and what do you get? A band who shouldn't make any employment plans for the next few years.

Many times a positive review is given out of politeness, sometimes even sympathy - scrap that thought today. My Passion, quite simply, could be massive.

by Gaz E.

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