Murderdolls - Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls

"Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls" is a sparkling gem jam packed with 15 thrill to kill tunes. At first I was apprehensive about picking up the album not being a big Slipknot fan, however when I discovered the band were nothing like SK I was immediately won over by this zombified unit. I play the CD on a loop every time I find company over at my place because it's just one of those albums you can't help but play for your friends. You find yourself saying 'listen to this!' with a big smirk on your face while sitting back and watching people's reactions.

Each song is almost lyrically absurd but that is the key to it being so appealing. You think to yourself 'are these guys for real?' and quickly realise the brains behind the Murderdolls had a very specific goal when tailoring this album-fun but twisted, it DOES sell. The riffs are catchy and the energy is infectious. Notable tunes include: "Love at First Fright", "197666", "Grave Robbing USA", "Dressed to Depress" and "Kill Miss America". This CD is a must have add to any collection and will long be a party favourite in my house.

by Noele Shannon

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