Mum Locked In Castle - Lions Led

Track listing:
01 - Forgotten Prayer
02 - Milk
03 - Soft As Thomas
04 - Wired
05 - Lions Led

MUM LOCKED IN CASTLE are very hard to pin a tag on. LION'S LED is mix of some wonderful genre defying songs although they describe themselves as a prog band and I guess that is probably as near to defining them as you are likely to get.

They drift between emo style hard rock/metal riffs to mellow groovy funky rhythms all in the same song but somehow it all hangs together and works. The vocals twist and turn between a very soulful sound to a gritty rock attitude and loud shouts/grunts give all the songs some great dynamics.

Mum Locked In A Castle are will appeal to indie and rock fans alike due to the clever blending of styles.

Lions Led sadly only has five tracks as I was left wanting to hear more.

Standout tracks:
Forgotten Prayer
Soft As Thomas

by K.T.Glitz

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