Motorcity Brags - Ten Arrogant Tales

I'll be honest and admit it; my knowledge of Italian rock music is not great. Apart from noise-niks Marlene Kuntz and my buddy Danilo's black underpant wearing troupe of sleazy glamsterz Smell My Pussy, my data bank is worryingly empty. The previous words are, of course, a juvenile exercise in proving that a man never loses the joyful gift of toilet humour and all of her ugly sisters. I can't apologise I won't bother.

Don't be fooled by the eleven tracks listed on the back cover of 'Ten Arrogant Tales' by the coolly named Italian rock 'n' rollers Motorcity Brags. The opener is merely an intro - barely half a minute of feedback and wailing sirens that kicks down the doors ready for 'Bouncin' Betty' to strut right in. A trashy mash up of Ramones, early Kiss and The Knack with a sub-Wildhearts chorus, the song sets us up nicely for another trip through formulaic yet fun sleaze territory. 'I Kick U Out of the Band', 'We Are A Dirty Rock N Roll Band' and 'I Need An Ugly and Stupid Girlfriend So I Can Feel Cute and Clever' prove that the band has something of a gift when it comes to snappy song titles, although these attempts probably don't scale the heights achieved by the tune 'Blowjob Queen' from their previous effort 'You Don't Deserve Anything Better Than This'.

The trashy rock 'n' roll mixed with the gobby chantalongs of classic Wildhearts is reminiscent of Helsinki's Hybrid Children when they were punching above their weight in the mid-nineties, although there is a more definite spattering of cock rock added to the love potion here. There's a sniff of The Hives about 'The Riot of the Rats' which is one of the better tracks on offer here. The album ends with a worthwhile version of Nancy Sinatra's 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' which is, of course, something of a standard when it comes to cover versions. This attempt does spazz out into a punky romp towards the end so they have my vote for this being one of the better versions of this classic song, although it still falls way behind the version by Billy Ray Cyrus but, y'know, the guy was King of the Mullets so he gets special treatment.

My guess is that Motorcity Brags (I do love that name!) would kick the shit out of you in a live situation but, until I get the chance to see that for myself, I'll have to make do with this above average shiny disc that would be happy to sit amongst the sleazy rock 'n' roll already fighting over the eyeliner in your CD collection.

by Gaz E.

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