Motochrist - Greetings From the Bonneville Salt Flats

I think diversity in music is a great thing. It keeps a bands output interesting and tends to surprise the listener. With 'Greetings From the Bonneville Salt Flats, Motochrist shifts gears throughout. While this serves as the band's strength, it also ends up weakening the overall effort. While listening, I was able to identify three distinct musical styles, mainstream metal, glam punk, and good ole' boy bar blues/country.

While each is done well in its own right, they sound a bit strange set alongside one another. 'Real Fast Car' is a pretty good bar blues style tune, but I wonder why it would be placed beside a crunching, screaming metal number like 'El Diablo' (Imagine if you were listening to your favorite Bon Jovi CD and all of a sudden a Slayer song popped up). Once again, this is my own opinion, but I just don't think a great glam punk song like 'Someday' fits well beside a metal tune like 'Hang 'em High'.

If you enjoy a wide variety of styles, this is the CD to get. Taken individually, the cuts on 'Greetings From the Bonneville Salt Flats' are pretty good. I just think that they could easily be better presented if the band found a little more focus.

by Lycan Davis

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