Moth Circus - Sideshow Sweetheart

Norwegian rockers Moth Circus unleash their debut album, Sideshow Sweetheart, upon the world on June 28th via Rocksector Records. Moth Circus bring us 14 tracks of groove laden heavy rock, with hooks Ginger (Wildhearts) would be proud of. Crushingly heavy in places, harmonically melodic in others, and for some strange reason vocalist Johnny Olsen's voice and vocal style bring one Rob Zombie to mind at times.

The band describe themselves and their music as "Pamela Anderson masturbating at a freak show..." and who am I to argue?

What I can say is that Sideshow Sweetheart is one hell of an album!

Tracks like opener 'Dreamland', 'MIA', 'A Dog and His Junkie', and 'Death Living' are all awesome, and destined to be classics.

Moth Circus are here to stay, and Sideshow Sweetheart is destined to be a classic album.

Catch these guys live on their short UK tour in July if you can, You WON'T be disappointed!

Rating 10/10

by Barrry Gennard

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