Mostly Autumn - Go Well Diamond Heart

Track listing:
01 - For All We Shared
02 - Violet Skies
03 - Deep In Borrowdale
04 - Something Better
05 - Go Well Diamond Heart
06 - Back To Life
07 - Hold The Sun
08 - And When the War is Over...

This is a fantastic album. Rock with a difference. It starts in the most ethereal of ways and if you close your eyes you can imagine yourself sitting in a Scottish glen surrounded by purple heather, watching the sun go down. What follows is an aural journey through spirit-moving folk rock, to toe-tapping bar room rock and back again.

This UK band from York have taken the unusual step of having two lead vocalist; Olivia Sparnen and Bryan Josh. As the musical style changes throughout the album, so does the vocal lead and it works brilliantly.

The album is full of energy; even the calm track are brimming with it in the background. This is a band I would like to see live.

Throw a female fronted celtic folk rock band into a blender with the deep-voiced male fronted local pub rock band, flick the switch and this perfect blend is the cocktail you'd pour out at the end of it.

Stand out tracks:
For All We Shared
Deep In Borrowdale
Hold The Sun

by Toni Glitz

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