Monster-0 - Entertainment System

Monster-0, the self proclaimed electropunk band from Chicago, pride themselves on being raised on a diet of Super Mario Brothers, Voltron re-runs and Faith No More, and whose 7-song debut EP 'Entertainment System' is poor attempt at 'techno'.

They praise themselves for taking out all the guitars and not losing any adrenaline but there is no energy or ummphh to this at all. There are a lot of video game effects that sound like they're from old Nintendo games, but they need to realize that it this is a Playstation world now and it might have helped make this a little more upbeat. Monster-0 do two cover tracks on this EP, firstly, Re:Flex's 'The Politics of Dancing' and secondly, Saigon Kick's 'Love is on the Way', which, considering the rest of this EP was actually a respectable version.

For the most part, Monster-0 sounds like a bad 80's techno teen movie minus the beat or rhythm that was needed for all the dance scenes.

Breez's rating
1/2 star out of 5

by Bay Breez

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