Monocle Rose - 4 Track Demo

1. Alley Cat
2. Little Ruin Doll
3. Tired of London
4. Lolly

When I started to listen to this demo I didn't like it at all, the sound wasn't great and that really distracted me from the music. This was especially noticeable in second track "Little Ruin Doll".

But by third track "Tired of London" my picture of this band had started to change. This was a really cool track and the sound quality was by far better. But the best was yet to come. "Lolly" really blew me away. Even though the sound (in my mind) again wasn't the best, it still was a great song.

The wisest thing according to me would be to place "Lolly" as track 1 or 2 instead of track 4, and put the track "Little Ruin Doll" as track 4, so people would listen to the entire demo, because I think this track is a little pot of gold hidden at the end.

Rating 4/10

by Johanna Salo

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