Mob Research - Holy City Zoo

Live for Peace, Fight Control!

As the supergroup to end all supergroups, "Mob Research" is the cataclysmic combination of ex/current members of "Warrior Soul", "Killing Joke", "Masters of Reality", and "The Mission".
The anticipation around "Mob Research's" debut seventeen track album "Holy City Zoo" should be enough to have the likes of "Chickefoot" fucking off back to their million dollar coups well and truly stuffed, such is the buzz around this release.

"Mob Research" deal in a musical collision of pissed off suss and evil, driven by the hypnotic bass engine room of "Paul Raven", merging the angst of "Kory Clarke", the hammerhead beats of "Nick Lucero" and the angular dynamic of guitarist "Mark Gemini Thwaite".

The brooding "Manufactured Terror" and "Holy City Zoo" rumble with such seismic ferocity that earthquakes would hang their heads in embarrassed shame. The politic being one of encouraged open mindedness that challenges the listener to scratch the surface of our fucked up world of half and no truths.
The likes of "Tribe", "Sky God Worshippers" "Wambulance" and "This Ones For You" meanwhile, are all fist pumping anthems for anyone with a musical conscience that still likes to shake their asses.

And then we come to my album highlight. The simply staggering "Skull and Bones", which is going to be the catalyst to a musical riot worldwide no doubt about it, with its audacious mid song polemic of refrain of "Those Cunts Are Human Too, Those Cunts Ain't Better Than You". Sheer poetry in my book.

"Posthumous" is unfortunately a word that will be forever associated with this album due to the untimely passing of "Paul Raven" prior to "Holy City Zoo's" release, but Paul has left behind a living breathing entity very much grounded in the here and now, as observed with "The New Religion" where eight years on from 9/11 the subject matter still echoes in all our lives today.

If the musical world of today were indeed half as savvy as it thinks it is then "Mob Research" simply wouldn't need to exist.
So fuck fashion and emerge yourself in this wonderful orgy of realism, you fucking deserve this.

5 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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