Miss 45 - 4 Track EP

What is it with Sweden and trashy glam punk bands? Is it something in the water in Stockholm? Do you get a leopard skin jacket and brothel creepers when you leave school? It is almost a joke now how many great Glitzine approved bands come from this area of the world.

"Miss 45" (not to be confused with the Abel Ferrara exploitation flick MS 45) are yet another 4 piece trash rock band from the Scandinavian production line. But are they the real deal or a cheap copy from Taiwan?

Well, if a mixture of "New York Dolls" strutt and suss and some primetime "Marionette" or "Babysitters" rifferama are your bag then you won't go far wrong with this debut 4 track EP.

The band have been around since 2005 and boast members such as ex SAS member and father figure "Col M Knoxx" on guitar, "Dan Frankenstein" on tubs, "Felix Vendetta" on lead guitar and "Eric Beretta" on bullet proof vocals and bass guitar.

The bands press release proclaims this line up as a true rock and roll fans living dream, and the enthusiasm and influences they wear on their collective sleeves sure do trip off the tongue, along with the aforementioned "New York Dolls", I could hear "D4" and "Hanoi Rocks" with some distinctive "Thunders" axe work from messers "Knoxx" and "Vendetta".

Of the 4 tracks on offer, lead track "High Heeled Bitches" swaggers out of the speakers like a transsexual looking for a blowjob, and tells the really sad tale of always being shorter than your prozzy bird (look at the hands Mr Berretta, that is a giveaway mate). It is a sleazy knee trembler of a track and is all the better for it. The track actually brought to mind the sadly long lost UK punkers "16 Forever" and that in my book is a good, nah scratch good make that great thing.

The rest of the tracks on offer sadly don't quite keep up this pace or indeed song quality (if they did I'd be on a plane over to Sweden to check these guys out live… eh Spice you paying for that?), but "Everything's More Fun (When Your High)" and "I Don't Care" continue in the frantic mode that would have creepers tapping in any sweat pit these guys would see fit to play live.

The final track is a bit of a hidden gem as "Don't Wanna Be Like That" creeps up on you like a 9-pint cider hangover on a Sunday morning. A cracking chorus and some very Andy McCoy sounding guitar bring this EP to a fitting conclusion.

It's hard to be critical of bands like this as it's the music I was brought up on and love, but if anything, I would say the backing vocals needed to be just a little tighter. On the whole though, this is a sound debut, a fitting production job, and some well memorable songs, one of which was perhaps just "too much too soon" in the shape of the superb "High Heeled Bitch".

Fuck it this is worth a 4 out of 5 just for that song. For fans of sleazy Rawk And Roll only.

by Johnny H.

(NB. from Spice - HaHaHa, only pay for myself to travel to Sweden, in fact, I shall be in Stockholm this December.... all I need is a job there, and I'm gone!)

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