Miss 45 - Steals the Show

Ever seen Abel Ferrara's 1981 violent cult movie Ms.45? This low budget tale of a mute woman who turns vigilante after being raped twice in one night featured a startling performance by actress Zoe Tamerlis Lund. If Lund's role in this hard-hitting little exploitation flick wasn't enough, her private life proved to be just as chaotic and tragic. A long term advocate of heroin use, Lund died in Paris in 1999 of drug induced heart failure at the age of 37. Of course, the rock 'n' roll romanticism forever entwined with such tales of self destruction and debauchery has been the inspiration behind a thousand bands, songs and haircuts. Will a band who have exercised artistic license to use the movie title as their own - thank the maker that they didn't settle on the Australian alternate title 'Rape Squad' - pay their dues and do the tragi-trash legend justice? Y'know what, they kinda pull it off.

Miss 45 are from Stockholm, Sweden. I know what you are thinking. It has become almost a cliche, right? But these guys stagger down a different path to the generic hairspray-heavy, Lip Service clad sleaze rock denizens who inhabit this three chord centre of the universe. Dressed up like thrift store mannequins, Miss 45 keep a Chelsea booted heel stabbed firmly into a vintage vein, paying heavy homage to The Heartbreakers. The vocals are akin to the cool, lazy drawl of Johnny Thunders or Nikki Sudden, the lyrics interspliced with nods to Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls and Ramones. Basically, reading those names will already have told you if you are gonna like this album or not. They sound more like the glorious slew of bands who begged, borrowed and stole their sound from the trashy icons of the genre rather than the legendary bands themselves. But, while many of their contemporaries focus on the junkie-chic couture, Miss 45 back up their dedication to a bygone vintage with a real consistency that makes for a solid album which, surprisingly given the blurred boundaries of this corner of the R'N'R world, brands them with an almost distinct sound that they can call their own; Original? No way. Impressive? You betcha!

"Just A Joke" tips a hat in the direction of messrs Johansen, Thunders, Sylvain, Kane and Nolan; "Pills And Champagne" makes you wonder just when did the gorgeous Mr. Michael Monroe become a man with googly eyes; The supremely-monikered "I Need Some Quick-Glue (To Mend My Broken Heart)" hints that you still can't put your arms around a memory, before transforming into a real highlight of the album, although that honour goes to the ass-shakingly catchy "Meet Me At The Nightclub". Miss 45 would appear to be a mere classic footstomper or heartbreaker away from severe notoriety.

by Gaz E.

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