Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass - Fiend Club Lounge

I haven't laughed so much at an album in such a long time, and not for the wrong reasons. This album is brilliant. It is important not to take it too seriously, but for any fan of The Misfits, you should really get you're hands on a copy of this. Think punk rock meets classical, (sometimes Indian) new wave jazz and you'll be somewhere on the right track to explaining this eclectic mix.

This collection of some of the most legendary misfits' tracks is sure to offer brilliant entertainment. Besides the humour of the total juxtapositions of musical styles associated with 70's punk legends The misfits, I would also comment that it is a brilliantly performed remaking and orchestral arrangement of tracks well known to any Misfits fan. These include the likes of, 'Die Die my Darling, 'Astro zombies' and 'Teenagers from mars' among many others. Brilliantly arranged and performed with ingenious accuracy by talented musicians of the New Jersey based Nutley Brass band, conducted by Sam Elwitt. As spoken by Franché Coma, original guitarist with The Misfits, "Any true, and I mean true, musician will appreciate the intricacies of the instrumentation's on this CD", and he is perfectly right.

Some may say The Misfits have long sold out, with endless merchandising constantly appearing littering misguided youths with poser misfits' tees and converse. Many would argue that's not what the 70's punk scene was all about, but as this CD proves its still all about the music. Let's not take ourselves so seriously, a little bit of jazz is good for the soul.

by Lauren May

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