Mikki Munday - Fire It Up EP

Mikki Munday are a hard-edged rock band similar in style to bands such as Theory of a Deadman or Avenged Sevenfold. Vocalist Lee Daniel really puts his all into each song showing his determination to prove this is a band worth attention. The songs are a bit rough but show a band that is blossoming into something worth keeping an eye on.

Their debut EP "Fire It Up" starts off rocking with the track "Money To Burn." From this point on, the album doesn't slow down until near the end. "Past the Yardarm" sounds like anything that current hard rock bands fill the airwaves with these days, which show this band has the ability to write catchy tunes. "Before His Eyes" is at times a ballad-esque song that shows a lighter side of the band, while the closing track "Riot Riot" closes the EP on a high note assuring that the listener will most likely want to hear more of the band soon.

At first listen, all I could think was that the EP lacked polish, but the more I listened to it, the more the songs seemed to stand out on their own. These are the types of songs that should be played on modern rock stations everywhere. If the band polishes the diamond a bit before their next release they will likely be able to reach larger audiences and hopefully be filling seats everywhere they go.


by Patrick White


Raw classic rock music with a little attitude.

Songs like Money To Burn, Fire It Up and Lester Diamond really showcase what these guys are all about. Probably great live in a small sweaty club.

Hugely enjoyable rock n roll.

Rating 7/10

by Barry Gennard

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