Midnight Circus - Money Shot

KABOOM! *cue glittery explosion*

Midnight Circus have just burst onto the glam rock scene with their first album, Money Shot, producing some of the best eighties style rock I've come across in quite a while.

One of the first songs on the album, Psychedelic Trippin', offers listeners a catchy tune with equally catchy riffs and choruses. When I first heard this track, I was reminded quite a lot of Warrant but, as the song progresses, it picks up a sound more reminiscent of Ratt - mostly because of the Stephen Pearcy vocal style.

The CD becomes somewhat heavier when we reach Only One but it's easy to see that same formula for success has been used here as in Psychedelic Trippin' - a catchy riff and a catchy chorus. After this track, we go straight back to the light-hearted, less brash fun we've heard previously.

The closing track, SMD (which stands for Suck My Di-well you know what it means) shows how much this energetic band love fun, giving us a one and a half minute outro with a female chorus chanting the unabbreviated version of 'SMD' to bid us farewell.

This is a more than decent first effort, although some of the tracks will have you wondering where you've heard them before. It might not be the only CD you need this summer but it might be a well needed reminder of a musical era that is all but long gone - a recommended buy.

by Sarah Street

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