Midasuno - Sister Temptation

"Dial M For Merthyr" is not only the second best psuedo Welsh film title of all time ("Debbie Does Dowlais" taking the top spot). It is also the title of a recent book scribed about the realities of life on the road with an underground alt/art rock band trying to make it to the big time, namely Merthyr's own "Midasuno".

Coming from one of the UK's hardest towns bar none, "Midasuno" once boasted a "Ping Pong" playing keyboard player that gave the band some sort of trance vibe whilst simultaneously featuring the talents of an absolute man mountain of a drummer in "Matt Riste" who pounds a rock n roll backbeat like "John Bonham" 5 times over.
Such are the polar opposites at work within this band. So do you think these guys will be taking the easy route to achieving fame and fortune?

Will they fuck.

"Sister Temptation" is the lead track from 2007's "Songs in the Key of Fuck" album and also the dawning of a less keyboard-orientated sound with the departure of the previously mentioned keys/ping pong man. The track somehow managing to meld the pop suss of say "Muse" with the angular riffing of "Hot Snakes", whilst retaining an originality and drive that stands "Midasuno" a full head and shoulders amongst the grossly over saturated "side parting" scene they quite rightly stay arms length away from.

Available from July 7th 2008 as a download only, this release is complemented by two previously unavailable "Radio Wales" Session tracks in the shape of "The Eighties Matchbox" meets "Queens of The Stone Age" sonic shakes of "Taste the Virus" and "Reactions".

At a recent "Drips (Bronx side project)" club show in "Newport", I was approached by "Scott Andrews", lead singer/guitarist from "Midasuno" who just happened to be supporting that night.
Scott was absolutely fuming at the lack of support that had turned up for such a low key/high profile show, and quite right he was too.
This anger and frustration is what makes "Midasuno" so real and original in a sea of fakers.
The determination and integrity that these guys have as a trademark is certainly worth more than any lifetime membership to "Penydarren Social Club".

Make these guys the stars they deserve to be.

by Johnny H.

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