Midasuno - Songs In the Key of Fuck

This 10-track debut full length from the Merthyr Tydfil madness that is Midasuno is an interesting proposition. I've got to be honest, it didn't immediately grab me but repeated plays have meant that I've warmed to it considerably and I've always had a soft spot for bands that are prepared to stick their necks out and do something a little different from the norm. It's an album that really rewards being listened to as opposed to just "heard" by which I mean that if you just play it in the car you'll miss a huge amount. It's constantly shifting and there's no shortage of ideas on display. It's almost as if they've taken the punk ethic of "if an idea works for just 30 seconds why extend it any longer?" but put lots of them together to make a cohesive song that lasts three to four minutes. That's not to say that it sounds like a disjointed mess. Far from it, this works like a charm.

Opener "Sister Temptation" sets the tone for the rest of the album. Verses are underpinned by keyboard rhythms before the choruses revert back to crushing guitars and the instrumental break in the middle slows things down without robbing any of the songs energy. "Sleepwalkers" at the other end of the album is much the same, it's use of drum patterns and understated guitars would not sound out of place in a more energetic section of a prog rock album. Sandwiched in between are eight gloriously madcap high energy tracks chock full of crashing riffs, memorably vocal refrains with the odd bit of acoustic guitar, keyboards and drum patterns thrown in. Single "Don't Drive (Faster Than Your Angels Can Fly)" quite apart from having one of the best song titles ever, acts as an excellent taster, starting quiet and simple and then as it goes along becoming increasingly layered by the time it reaches the chorus and by the mid section you'd have to ask if it's the same song. Personally, as a first single I'd have gone for something more immediate such as "Rhythm Thief" which is much more of straight ahead rock song for most of it's length, great guitar riffs, great vocals and the instrumental section towards the end is a killer without being cliché.

Quite how these guys will pull all this off in a live situation I've no idea but on CD at least they are a real joy. Let's hope that a record company really gets behind them and gives them a decent push and hope too that the music magazines give them the coverage that they so richly deserve. Well played, innovative, interesting and memorable, this is the kind of stuff that gives me hope for the UK music scene. Definitely worth your money and deserving of your support in a live situation. Need I say more?

by Phil T.

Editors Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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