Michael Monroe - Life Gets You Dirty

True to form, Michael, true to form.  This 4th solo album is pretty much what you'd expect.  The first three tracks ("Life Gets You Dirty", the amazing "Just Because You're Paranoid" and the rock-steady groover "Since When Did You Care?" are the strong ones.  There's also the typical goofy throw-away track "Not Bad For A White Boy"  (Hey, Vince Niel did a lousy attempt at rap on his second solo album - I know it's a tasteless comparison but let's leave it alone guys).

Michael Monroe has always had great taste in cover songs and this one is particularly cool.  It's Hanoi Rocks "Self Destruction Blues".  Guess he's still pissed at Andy McCoy since this is the first one that he didn't stick to the original arrangement. This is one of those good albums you should own, but you won't play 24 hours a day.  Good songs, good playing, good attitude, good everything. Except the cover. It sucks.

by Adolf

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