Michael Monroe - Searchin For Home and Peace of Mind

Michael Monroe who recently released his third soloalbum - "Peace of Mind" - in Europe, is facing a house crisis. On his website, Michael explains "Me and Jude have been living here in Finland for almost 4 years now and are being evicted from our second serious mould house. For those of you who don't know what that means, mould is a fungus condition caused by moisture which spreads rapidly in neglected buildings and can cause life threatening illnesses over a period of time.

Unfortunately this is a wide-spread epidemic in Finland.

In our case this has caused us terrible setbacks in every aspect of our lives. Especially our health and finances. We are now facing a dire emergency."

The Situation is severe "We would like to give Finland one more chance, but if we are not able to find suitable housing here by May 1st, we will be homeless."

Anyone who can help Michael Monroe and Judy in finding a new home should visit Michael Monroe's website or e-mail him via the webmaster.


Peace of Mind

In light of the recent European release of this, the third Michael Monroe solo album, we figured we'd (finally) review it. (Actually, we at Glitzine were all pretty keen on reviewing this one and there was a bit of a civil war over it - I think I got the nod because I took the extra measure of doctoring up a photograph of our erstwhile editor Andreas to make it look like he was front row at a Pearl Jam concert and threatened to send it to Metal Sludge...)

Michael Monroe has always had the best taste in cover songs, but the sheer number of them sort of makes you wonder about his writing ability. I mean, his cover of The Damned's "Machine Gun Etiquette" is possible even better than the original. His version of the MC5 classic "Kick Out The Jams" is very cool. His stab at the Dead Boys monster "Not Anymore" is the weak link - good, but a little too pristine.

Now, I didn't exactly mean that his originals are bad - in fact all of the Monroe-penned songs on this are cool. I'd venture to say this is the strongest overall collection of his songs to date. He's matured as a songwriter enough that he no longer has filler songs as he did on his past solo ventures "Nights Are So Long" and "Not Fakin' It".

Bottom line - this CD is worth it! (And the copy I got came with free temporary tattoos! What more could you ask for)


Peace of Mind - review #2

There is a certain flamboyance around Monroe (that is either Michael or Marilyn). Michael Monroe is a prototype of a frontman. After the defunction of Hanoi Rocks in 1985, Monroe has made a couple of attempts to superstardom. The low-budget beating of the solodebut "Nights are so long", followed by the excellence of 1989's "Not Fakin It" which proved once and for all that Mr. Monroe did fine without Andy McCoy. For some reason, the musicworld managed to miss the potential of "Man with No Eyes" despite some airplay. "Not Fakin It" didn't do much of an impact outside the circle of loyal fans and impressed reviewers.

After the disappointing Jerusalem Slim on which Steve Stevens masturbated far too much with his guitar, and the excellent but sadly overlooked Demolition 23, Michael Monroe return with the European release of "Peace of Mind". He still rocks in honored tradition. Though not as impressive as "Not Fakin' It", "Peace of Mind" do contain some really good songs. "Where's the Fire, John?", "Make it Go Away" and "Always Right" are delivered with plenty of punch. The Latter is reminiscent of Hanoi Rocks' more moody songs, something Monroe material hasn't been for the last 15 years. For his own good, I may add.

"Peace of Mind" also features covers of The Damned, MC5, Dead Boys and The Raspberries. Four covers may be too much and jeopardize the credibility of the album but Michael Monroe does everything with class and puts his personal touch to everyone of them. I'm especially fond of the Raspberry song "I Wanna Be With You" (which also, by the way, has been recorded by Joey C Jones). Hopefully, "Peace of Mind" will be the album that eventually break Mr. Monroe out of the labeling - "Rock's best kept secret".

Order "Peace of Mind" from Event Records in Europe
Border Music (+46(0)31 190800) in Scandinavia

1st Review by Adolf Chri$t
2nd Review by Andreas Persson
"Michael Monroe's looking for a new home" was written by Andreas Persson. Some of the material originally appeared at Micheal Monroe's website