Megaphone - Toyboy/Movie Queen (2 Track Demo)

Welcome to the land where pop, glam, and talent occasionally meet for a secret rendevouz. Megaphone are nothing but cool! Lyrically they don't cover any new territory, but with a style that fits comfortably somewhere between the glitz of 80's glam and the coolness of Hollywood actor James Dean. Singer Bjarki manages to come across as a very charismatic figure while remaining in a lower singing range than most glam vocalists would feel comfortable in. What is cool about this band, and this particular CD, you might ask? The band sounds retro, current, and ahead of their time ... all at once. Image-wise, the band doesn't appear to be full-fledged glam, but they manage to ooze coolness just by looking out at you from their CD cover. If you love chanting choruses, and driving beats than check these guys out. And if you don't, than why are you here?

by Kenny

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