MCRACKINS/Los Di Maggios (Split CD)

For a band that's been going for over 14 years I'm a bit surprised that the Mcrackins have somehow passed me by. However, that long pedigree shows in the quality of the song writing as the band manage to turn out some top notch pop rock across their five tracks here. My favourite is "Shit Outta Luck" perhaps because it's a phrase I use myself but song-writing honours have to go to "Divided In Two" with its superb guitar riffs and wittily lyrical chorus. I also have to confess that until I checked the track listing I was convinced that the chorus of track 2 was "I will be your wreckage" rather than "I will be your refuge" and I prefer my version! However, fun and competent though these tracks are, there is absolutely nothing here to make them stand out from a rather crowded field and I'm afraid that based on this the band are probably doomed to playing to a small but loyal fan base. Still, if they've been doing this for over 14 years I'm guessing that fame and fortune are not top of their priority list and there's enough love and energy to demonstrate that they're still having fun with what they do!

I've never heard of French band Los Di Maggios but they're well paired here as they too power through five pop rock tunes. The production is a bit variable across the tracks with the lyrics growing in clarity and the guitars in volume with each subsequent track. "Schizo" is blessed with some girly brat-pack backing vocals and "Monkeys in the Street" is distinguished by its extremely basic but effective keyboard playing lending it a rather amateurish charm! As with all the best pop rock, no tune outstays its welcome or stretches the patience. Like CD mates the Mcrackins there's nothing here that really leaps out and grabs the attention and based on this a stadium conquering future does not beckon. Having said that though, I'd quite happily go down to the local rock club to see either band play and come home with a HUGE smile on my face.
Similarly, when I'm in need of a quick hi-energy feel good 30 minutes or so this is going to find itself in my CD player.

Overall - not exactly a "must- buy" but worth checking out for a pop rock fix!

by Phil T.

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