Never judge a book by its cover. Very wise advice. In the early nineties, I went with my old fanzine-creating buddy to see The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. There was vomit onstage and fainting off. All very entertaining. There was no merch stall, post-gig you had to wrestle at the front of the stage if you wanted to score some goodies. I'm always jonesing for merch and this night was no exception - I wanted to show my appreciation for a man lifting things with his penis. Constantly overlooked, a young lady offered to take my money and acquire me a t-shirt (man-size large). I paused, unsure. She was freaky looking to say the least, with pieces of metal sticking out of her face more akin to the decorative visage of a car crash victim. But, even the younger version of my handsome self fancied himself as a champion of all things counter culture so, when she said the first line of this paragraph, I gave her my money and she returned moments later with a very nice black shirt featuring the skeletal image of archaic conjoined twins. Still have it. Why am I telling you this now? Because I have just listened to an album simply bursting with sublime power pop punk played by two men dressed as eggs and one dressed as a dog.

Bil McRackin, Fil McRackin and Spot McRackin (possibly stage names) were mere mortals from Vancouver until a freak nuclear accident turned them into twin eggs and a drumming dog - all blessed with super pop-punk powers. A dozen cult albums of instantly catchy anthems later and failed musicians like myself suddenly find themselves pissing into their dusty teenage chemistry sets hoping that some similarly kickass calamity will afflict them with the same bubblegum blast of supreme songwriting energy.

If you like your Ramones sugar coated, then this album is for you. If you like insanely catchy power pop tunes with the ghost of 70's glam stomping all over them with its perfecto platform boots then this album, also, is for you. 'Eggzit' continues in the McRackins tradition of pun-laced album titles - 'In On The Yolk' anyone? - but even that enfant terrible of the tabloids deserves to be cuddled given the high quality of the tunes on this shiny disc. 'Never Ever', 'Goin South', 'Junk In The Trunk' - y'know what, I might as well list every song! This album is great from start to finish and in 'Divided In Two' the band have created one of the coolest songs that I have heard in a long time. You mofos need this album!

I bet you're all thinking that I'll close with an egg-related pun like almost every other reviewer would, aren't you? C'mon, give me some credit - that would be seriously friggin' lame.

by Gaz E.

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