Andy McCoy - Building On Tradition

What can be said about Andy McCoy that we don't already know? The guitarist and main songwriter for Hanoi Rocks, The Suicide Twins, The Cherry Bombz, Shooting Gallery etc. is also a solo artist. So what ideed needs to be said? Well he's a great songwriter, an impressive guitarist and has the best singing voice since - well...Bob Dylan.

Don't get me wrong, the man is BRILLIANT, but somehow I just can't get past his nasal, annoying voice. Had he teamed up with a better singer, songs like "Strung Out", "I'm Gonna Roll You" and "Gotta Let It Go" would have been classics. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a prime example of wearing too many hats at once. For instance the killer, ultra-sexy female backing vocals pretty much saves "Let It Rock" and makes "Foxfield Junction" sort of listenable. But don't take this as "Andy-Bashing". (as if Michael Monroe were paying us off here in Glitzine-Land). His voice may suck, but it's not too bad on the epic "Medieval Madras". In many cases, the songs could have all had severe potential had they been given the benefit of better (shorter) arrangement - some sort of drag on, even though they're great songs at heart.

Andy, if you're out there reading this, get yourself a voice coach and co-writer who might be able to balance out your excursions into 2112-era Rush territory and we'll just forget this ever happened, OK?

by Adolf Chri$t

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