The Matlocks Vs. The Rock United - Rumble On the Tundra

This is a kinda weird CD concept, two bands sharing the one CD - the Matlocks and the Rock United. Both bands hail from Sweden - yes another example that Scandinavia is turning out a whole host of strong rock acts.

This is the Matlocks's their fourth studio album, erm well joint one this time, and it's a cracker! The Matlocks do not relent throughout any one of these six tracks on offer and although they would describe themselves as a cross between Kiss and Guns N Roses, they remind me of Backyard Babies in particular. The songs are memorable and have a sense of humour, how else would you describe a band that have song entitled Buttcrack Baby.

The other song that needs a mention again because it is slightly light-hearted is Motorized Vehicle which races away at a frantic speed, a bit comparable in nature to Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry. The Matlocks have a big sound and this is a very well produced joint effort, its bluesy, its sleazy and kinda punky too.

The second half of the album is where the Rock United take over and the pace doesn't slow down one bit. The Rock United have a distinctly Cult sound to them especially the vocal likeness and it seems they too have a sense of humour with a song named The Devil Speaks Swedish Tonight. Again the sound and production are very strong and the songs are melodic, catchy and memorable.

Sweden must be doing something right if these two bands are anything to guage the quality by. The other good thing about this CD is you get to sample two bands on the one disc in case maybe you don't like one of the acts but I can reassure you, you'll not have to worry about that - check them both out, you'll not be disappointed.

by Grant W.

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