Mardisgras Bombers - Touched By the Hand of Nobby Bobson

Don't let the name of this EP fool you, The Mardigras Bombers are a hard rocking band out of the UK with enough punk mixed in to give the band the sound they need. This band has claimed a lot of different influences, yet they are able to make it all come together and create something very unique.

Although only having three tracks, the album gives the listener enough satisfaction to hook them in for the next release. "I'll Be The Devil" sounds very punk influenced and is a hard rocking way to start the EP. "Derelict Spiv Nation" is my favorite song on the EP while the closer "Thought Police" sounds somewhat reminiscent to the type of song Motorhead would churn out.

Overall a very good release and something I was quite surprised with. I think this band could go very far. Hopefully a new full-length album will be around the corner.


by Patrick White

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