Malice In Wonderland - S/T

The Scandinavian rock scene seems to go from strength to strength these days with some quality bands emerging and Malice in Wonderland want to take a piece of the action for themselves with their self titled debut album.

Describing themselves as ‘Norway’s most decadent band’ this is a heavy and dark album but has quite a gothic glam feel to it throughout. The opener and most powerful song on the album, 'Lucifer’s Town', is absolutely stunning and sets the scene for most of the songs that follow with quite heavy and melodic tunes, and haunting vocal harmonies.

The band rely very heavily on their piano and keyboards throughout, which seem to fill the sound in just the right places and give an added dimension to the music. Crank this CD up loud on your stereo and let it fill the room, it’s a pretty impressive full bodied experience.

They cite some of their influences as HIM, Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode and I can’t argue with that - fans of these bands will enjoy the sombre sound.

The later part of the album seems a slight departure to the front end where MiW try out a few more up tempo predominantly guitar focused numbers such as 'Heartache Boulevard', which is a refreshing Throbs like number, but their tried and tested trademark of keyboards always prevails somewhere.

If you like gothic glam with a melancholic mood and songs, which offer a variety of instrumental sounds then you will enjoy Malice in Wonderland and if you don’t want to take that plunge without hearing them first then check out their Myspace page for some free samples.

by Grant W.

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