Malice In Wonderland - Sin and Decadence

Hailing from Norway, Malice in Wonderland produce dark glam rock that combines late 80's early 90's Ministry/Sisters of Mercy sound with the modern sounds of bands such as H.I.M and Poisonblack. Formed in the fall of 1997, 'Sin and Decadence' released in 2002/2003, marks the first recordings with the new and current line up for Malice in Wonderland.

'Nightclub Sin and Decadence' starts off this 4 track EP strong. Upbeat with driving guitars, this track would be right at home on Sunday nights at the old Limelight parties. From here it is all down hill. 'Dancing With You', while being a strong song on it's own, is so similar to 'Nightclub' that I had to make sure I was actually listening to the 2nd track. 'I Love to Sin' is a slow dark moody piano based piece. 'My Heart Belongs to You' closes out this EP. Another slow moody piece; very similar to 'I Love To Sin'; too similar.

Signed to Karisma Records with a full-length album to be released in September 2004, interest in Malice in Wonderland is at an all time high. While the music on a whole is very good, well thought out and played to perfection, the lack of diversity in the songs and the monotone vocals hold this EP back from being something special.

by Mister E.

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