Mad Margritt - In the Name of Rock

"In the Name of Rock" is Mad Margitt's first full-length and the first release on Delinquent Records. Mad Margitt is good ol' MTV/radio metal which isn't that common these days.

"Anyway (that you want me)", "One Look in your eyes" and "You and Me" are as impressive as on "Cold Sweat" - the EP on which they were first released. The New songs "Goodbye", "In the Name of Rock", "Give it up" and "Mirror Mirror" are a bit heavier. It may be the direction in which Mad Margitt are  heading. I don't mind as long as the material is as classy as on "In the Name of Rock" eventhough the refrain on the titletrack comes a little too close to Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock".

Mad Margitt stand for what they are something their colleges didn't do in the early nineties. Fans of melodic hard rock/AOR should check out Mad Margitt.

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by Andreas Persson