Mad Margritt - Cold Sweat

All American Atlanta rockers, Mad Margitt, will soon release their full-length album - "In the Name Rock ". In the nick of time, Glitzine thought it might be good to review their last 5 song e.p. before the new one comes out. Mad Margitt are melodic MTV metal of the late eighties. I can imagine the catchy opener "Anyway (that you want me" in a flashy video. These boys aren't a step behind anyone of that era. For years, this style of music was regarded as pathetic, passe and premature by the musicpress (Glitzine is NOT included) for no particular reason. Mad Margitt aren't political, don't evaluate them (or any of the other melodic bands) in a misplaced context. "Cold Sweat" is all about having a great time.

"You and Me" are a classy power ballad. Yeah some bands obviously still write them. The Titletrack - "Cold Sweat" - is sleazier and rock in the right places. Vocalist Eddie Smith's glamorous snarls, sounds a bit like teenage heart-throb version of Jani Lane, puts Mad Margitt in the front of the melodic revival. "One Look in Your Eyes" is the hit of the album with it's acoustic passages and electrifying runs, Firehouse would have sold their souls for this one! Closer "Heavens on Fire" (no, not the Kiss song) is by far the heaviest song on the album and also the weakest.

Mad Margitt has got huge potential and It will be very interesting to hear their forthcoming album - "In Cold Blood". In the meantime, everyone who into hard rock they way it used to be, should check out Mad Margitt.

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