Lynam - Slave To the Machine

Slave To The Machine is the fourth album from Birmingham, Alabama based 3 piece Lynam. The band were signed by legendary A&R man Derek Shulman (Bon Jovi/Pantera) to DRT Entertainment and have toured with the likes of Poison and Cinderella as well as a slot on the VANS Warped Tour and a recent tour across America with Hinder and Eighteen Visions. Vocalist/Guitarist Jacob Lynam was previously in Mars Electric using the name Jacob Bunton.

The album kicks off with "It's All In Your Head" giving an instant statement of intent for what's to come. Crunching riffs and a modern vocal sound with melodies to die for. Next up is "Better" which has a cowbell intro and if there's one thing that most albums are missing these days it's more cowbell! Another killer riff guaranteed to get you bouncing at their gigs with a huge sounding chorus. The 80's rock influences are shown throughout this album with some songs having guitar parts seemingly lifted straight from other bands. Whether this is intentional or not I don't know (although the MTV theme tune at the end of "Giving Up" is definitely intentional!) but quite often you'll hear something and think 'where the hell have I heard that before?'. Case in point is the title track which starts with the picked intro from Damn Yankees 'Coming Of Age' before turning into Bon Jovi's 'Bad Medicine', this isn't a big criticism though and certainly shouldn't put anyone off buying this album. There's other parts that remind me of Kix, Beautiful Creatures, Roxy Blue and even Duran Duran but as these were all great bands it's hardly a bad thing. Production is fantastic and gives a massive sound for a three piece band and Jacobs vocals have a very modern sound to them, if I had to make a comparison it'd be to Myron from Dirty Americans. "Giving Up On Rock'n'Roll" is filled with namechecks for their favourite bands and songs, Lynam's version of The Wildhearts '29 x The Pain' I suppose. I defy anyone to get the chorus for "What Is This" out of their heads after the first listen. This song is a monster that hooks you in from the beginning and just will not leave you for a long time after listening.

Lynam could be huge. It's that simple. Given a decent amount of exposure to give enough people the chance to hear them and they would be playing arenas within the year. It happened for their touring buddies Hinder and this album is far better than Hinders. The bands label, DRT Entertainment, took 5 tracks from the bands previous indie releases and then added another 7 new tracks to make up this album so in some respects it's almost a partial best of. The band have a 5th album already written and demoed with plans to go back into the studio later this year, in the meantime buy this album and try and catch them on tour, you'll be glad you did.

by John Baxter

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