Luxury Pushers - Welcome To the Party, Traitor

Formed from the ashes of Mystery Addicts, Luxury Pushers went through a few changes before settling on the current line-up. The band have released 2 EP's on their way to releasing this debut full length, although the first EP is here in its entirety making up the final 5 tracks. That EP, 2003's Eat It, had all 5 tracks used in the adult movie "Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll" and even earned the guys a nomination at the 2004 AVN awards (kinda like the porn Oscars if you will) for best soundtrack!

The first 5 tracks are the newer tracks and opener "3 Minute Manifesto" is exactly that. Just over three minutes of very punky, foot on the floor rock'n'roll and a statement of intent with whisky and cigarettes infused raw vocals. "Lil' A-Bomb" is very Demolition 23-ish with vocals spat out in a similar way to Michael Monroe when he was in that outfit. It needs pointing out that the production captures the raw intensity of the band perfectly. You can almost feel the dirt forming under your fingernails as you listen. There's plenty of fire in the band which is on show throughout the album. "On The Mend" plays out at 100mph with a killer melody and would go down a storm live. It could well go on to be their signature tune. There is a slightly noticeable difference in production values between the newer tracks and those from the debut EP which is understandable, but while they're not quite as clear they're certainly just as intense and still sound great. "Just Like Faye Dunaway" reminds me a little of Space Age Playboy era Warrior Soul and is a great tune with a killer chorus. My favourite track on here though has to be "Poster Child" which simply sounds fantastic when turned up loud with headphones on, the kinda track you can easily get lost in. Although the prize for best track title has to go to "Just In It For The Fuckin'", the track itself is pretty cool dumb fun with a chorus that's crying out for a drunken singalong.

If you like your rock'n'roll dirty and raw then this is the album for you. The band currently have tour dates booked in the US up until July and are hoping to make the trip over to Europe for some dates and I'd love it if they could get to the UK for a few. I think given a bit of exposure they'd attract a few decent sized crowds out over here too.


by John Baxter

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